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Our experienced SEO technicians know what’s needed to get you to rank at the top of the search engine result pages. From concept stage to final design, we build sites from the ground up so that they are SEO optimized at launch.

Even if we didn’t build your site, we can work with you to generate more exposure in the search engines. Our experienced SEO technicians have worked with some of the largest brands in the world and on some of the largest sites in the world. We have worked with clients in nearly every industry, from B2B, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, automotive care, fitness, to consumer brands and goods.

We only provide “whitehat” SEO services. We won’t do shady work to try and game the search engines. Our SEO services strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. We work by the books and will position you with the search engines in a way that will last, even as the search engines change their algorithms.

Our SEO engineers have over 10 years of experience focusing exclusively on SEO. You can rest assured that our services will result in real traffic that will drive real revenue.

We have real experts who have real experience working on the largest sites on the Internet with some of the biggest brands.
Our SEO Services
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Social Media Marketing
Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer a unique opportunity to communicate and interact with current customers and potential future customers in a significant and non-intrusive way. We can help you improve your Social Media Marketing skills. We will help you navigate the Social networks.
Local SEO
We can help you get your company information in the local directories and review websites that are critical to obtaining local search traffic. Let us put your business on the local map in a consistent and proven manner giving you the local exposure you desire. Increase your local business-to-customer connection with Local SEO.
Online trolls can damage and even ruin your business. Let us help you manage your online reputation and keep the trolls at bay. In the digital world your reputation is everything, we can help clean up messes others created and prevent future damage from occurring. We can help keep your rep clean and polished so you’re always looking good.
Our Other Services
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Website Analytics
We are able to help you setup various Analytical software that can help you gauge how your traffic is impacting your business. Correctly utilizing these software suites can impact your bottom line. We can help you use these tools to manage your marketing budget and increase traffic that matters.
Email Marketing
We can help you write, design, and deliver well timed newsletters to your customers. Newsletters are a critical part of an effective digital marketing campaign and have some of the highest conversion rates of any online marketing strategy. Automated email software efficiently manages customer email databases and gives you the most out of your email marketing campaign.
PPC marketing is a specific type of advertising that can compliment other marketing strategies that we offer. We can help you create your Pay Per Click campaigns and help analyze them when active to make sure your are getting the most targeted traffic possible while staying within your budget.
Landing Page Design
When designing Landing pages it is critical to apply a great deal of attention to detail. We can help you design and structure your landing page so it is effective and purposeful. We will also aid in testing various designs to see which is most effective in increasing your conversion rates.
WordPress Design
We design custom websites using the WordPress platform. WordPress is the open source software that is currently powering over 20% of all websites on the internet. With WordPress our clients are able to take control of managing and updating their site without being forced to pay us a monthly maintenance fee. WordPress allows you to take control.
Mobile Responsive Design
We build sites that will stay relevant for tomorrow and beyond. Sales of mobile platform devices now eclipse that of the common PC and the use of cell phones to access the internet has risen drastically in recent years. Having a Mobile Responsive site is no longer just a “nice feature” and is now required by the major search engines. Every site we build has a Mobile Responsive design.
What is SEO?
Many things can effect SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” This is the process of optimizing your website so that it appears in the search results of the various search engines. Users looking for information online often use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find specific websites & content. Results from specific keywords are then displayed to the user in a prioritized order. The search engines want to deliver timely and relevant results to each individual user’s searches. Results that are very accurate lead to a positive user experience and increases the likelihood that the user will use that search engine over and over again for future web searches.

The world wide web is a vast ecosystem of information including over 600 million websites. This includes various types of content such as text documents, video content, audio, music, pictures and more. How do search engines analyze, monitor, and prioritize this content so they can deliver accurate results to users around the world in a real-time basis? Considering how large the internet is and how much information is online, one can really appreciate how difficult of a task this is for search engines.

When an individual, organization, or business creates and publishes a live website they are referred to as a webmaster. Some webmasters simply provide reference information online about certain subjects without any commercial intent. However, in some cases the goal of the webmaster is to get as many visitors to the website as possible. Specifically, the goal is to bring as much targeted traffic from as many sources as possible to the site with the intent of increasing sales of goods and services. One way to achieve this is pay the search engine directly for the targeted traffic. A popular method of paid search is Pay Per Click (PPC). This method of advertising can be very effective but it is usually expensive and a continuous cost.

Another method of getting targeted traffic to your website “naturally” is through SEO. A skilled SEO engineer can drive focused high quality traffic to various parts of your site. Additionally, an experienced SEO technician can optimize the site so it appears at the top of Search Engine Results pages without paying fees to the search engines. This type of page ranking is “organic” and in most cases it is the most desired possible outcome for a webmaster.

When a talented SEO engineer optimizes a website’s architecture, design and layout in a way that all of the information is presented in a to the search engines perfectly it is called “On Page Optimization”.

Another piece of the puzzle to achieving top organic listings in search engines is to aid the search engines in finding your website’s content via hyperlinks often referred to as “links” or “back-links”. If you study how the internet is constructed and how the websites are interconnected you will see that these links are the primary connection between all of the websites online. This interconnected nature of the internet provides a meaningful way for the major search engines to determine what specific website data is relevant to keyword searches that take place. Another aspect of SEO is the process of building and managing related backlinks is called “Off Page Optimization”

One of the most important quality signals to search engines in determining if a website or webpage contains high quality and important data is the number of quality backlinks that point to that website or piece of data. These citations act as votes and are strong indicators to the search engines that they should consider further analyzing that specific website or content.

Professional SEO requires careful consideration of all of these “on-page” and “off-page” factors. SEO is not a single one-time event but rather an ongoing process requiring constant monitoring and analysis.

Let the experienced SEO engineers at Ohio Web Agency optimize your web presence so you can WIN online. Contact us to learn more on how our utilization of long term white-hat SEO techniques can drive more traffic to your site.