Social Media

Social Media
Stay Engaged And Relevant With Your Online Clients

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to communicate with both current and future customers in a big way without being overly intrusive. In order to interact within these online social circles you need to have these accounts set-up and designed in a way that accurately portrays your brand and business.

With thousands of these web 2.0 social sites on the net people can easily set up accounts with custom user names that are easily seen by the rest of the online community. Even if you never intend to publish and advertise content on these sites it’s imperative that you own usernames on these sites that are related to your brand and business. If you don’t secure and protect your brand name, spammers and unethical users can create accounts in your individual or business name and any content they post (good or bad) will be directly reflected back to your business.

It is always a good idea to setup and control these accounts as a preventative and pre-emptive measure to protect yourself and your business. Doing this can save time, money, aggravation and help protect against future problems related to brand name & trademark infringement.

At Ohio Web Agency we offer Social Media packages that take the guess work of out of the equation. We have solutions for your social awareness concerns.

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Social Media Services
Stay informed about what people are saying about you
Local SEO

We can help you get your company information in the local directories and review websites that are critical to obtaining local search traffic. Let us put your business on the local map in a consistent and proven manner giving you the local exposure you desire. Increase your local business-to-customer connection with Local SEO.

Reputation Management

Online trolls can damage and even ruin your business. Let us help you manage your online reputation and keep the trolls at bay. In the digital world your reputation is everything, we can help clean up messes others created and prevent future damage from occurring. We can help keep your rep clean and polished so you’re always looking good.


We are able to help you setup various Analytical software that can help you gauge how your traffic is impacting your business. Correctly utilizing these software suites can impact your bottom line. We can help you use these tools to manage your marketing budget and increase traffic that matters.