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Your Small Business Needs A Website

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website


Have you ever wondered: “Do I need a website for my business?”  Well, here are four compelling reasons why your small business needs a website.


  1. Professional Image

Having a website for your small business will inspire trust and build confidence with your clients and create a first impression that will last. Having a well designed website will add instant credibility to your company regardless of it’s size and age.

“” will ALWAYS portray a more professional and polished image to clients than a Hotmail or Gmail account could ever convey.


  1. Accessibility & Visibility

By having an online web presence your current clients and future prospective clients will be able to find you with ease. The days have long since past where people open up a phone book to look for a service or product they need. Having your business online also allows your company and services to be found by anyone at anytime from any internet enabled device.


  1. Marketing & Sales

Having an online web presence allows you to greatly expand your company’s reach. The internet does not close. Clients can now have unlimited 24/7 access to your business’s information. From clients across to the street to across the state you  can easily tap into customers and business opportunities that where previously out of your reach. Having your information readily available online increases your chances of being found by those that actually need your goods and service.

  1. Getting “Even” With Your Competition

Roughly 40% of small business do not yet have an online web presence. But those businesses that are serious about expanding, increasing sales and procuring more clients are already online. If you want to remain relevant within your market niche it is imperative that you get up to speed with the internet technology that is now the most prevalent way to communicate with your target audience and future customers. Building an online web presence takes time and most of your competition is already there. Establishing an online web presence will give you a leg-up on those that are still lagging and even the “odds” with your competition that has already done so.

Your Bottom Line 

Once established, an online web presence will allow you to easily expand your reach, give your company a professional and polished image, increase sales, increase business opportunities and give clients 24/7 access to your company profile information.

Having a website = More clients, increased revenues and a healthier bottom line for you and your company.
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Achieve Your Goals Today with Ohio Web Agency.

From start to finish, we can help create, build and market your business brand, products and services. Expand your online exposure, increase traffic and connect with your customers. Conceive, Believe and Achieve with Ohio Web Agency.


We are a local Columbus Ohio web design and marketing agency focused on helping local businesses achieve their goals. As a full service marketing agency we have the ability to help your business grow both online and offline. We also specialize in building mobile responsive websites that are search engine optimized so your customers can find you even when they are on the go. We offer comprehensive marketing strategies that get your brand, product, service and message out to those who matter to you and your specific industry. Our targeted consumer marketing methods make sure you are not wasting your Ad budget on an audience that is outside of your industry market.

Did you know that Google is sending emails to webmasters telling them that they will now be penalized in their search results with a lower ranking if their website is Not Mobile Responsive? A lower ranking in search engines = lower traffic to your business and we all know that results in lower revenue. Well, here at Ohio Web Agency you don’t have to worry as Every site we build is Mobile Responsive. Yeah, we build them that way from the ground up so your site will be easily accessible to your customers regardless of what device they are using. Also, if you were unfortunate enough to have a non mobile IB Instaforex Indonesia responsive site designed by someone else we can help you as well by building you a new site that is 100% mobile responsive compliant so you don’t lose your traffic.

Allow us to help you and your business achieve your goals and Contact Us today for a FREE Consultation! We know what it takes to win online.



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